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Hey, I tried to PM you, but your inbox was full. Anyway, I have made a fictional IDF skin for the F-106A Delta Dart, and I used your 94th TFS skin as a base. Because of this, I need your permission to upload.


I also got the camouflage colors from the Mirage Factory's IAI Kfir C7; and I used the camo pattern on that wing as inspiration for the camo pattern on my skin's wing. Since it's fairly obvious that that would warrant a need for a go-ahead, who would I contact about that? :dntknw:


The email to Pasko about permission is already in the- the mail? The e-mail? :blink: The system of tubes? Uh, whatever. It's sent.


Here's a vogue shot:



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Longestpants, repaints are fair game as long as you include the original creator in the readme. So I know C5 won't have an issue with it at all and he will greatly apprecaite you took the time to ask.

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Like USAFMTL said, no problem! Good looking skin.


Hey, thanks!


EDIT: I should submit this to the IAF tracker...

Edited by Longestpants

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