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  1. Most of the best modders in the community have agreed to make their work freely available with few restrictions. These modders have granted blanket permission for you to use their work under the following conditions: 1. The work may not be used in payware projects or in projects that will not be freely distributed under these same terms. 2. The work may not violated any terms of release by converting payware to freeware or freeware to payware. 3. You must give proper credit to the original author in your readme file. 4. If feasible, included the original author's readme along with your new mod file. 5. You must contact the original author for permission of use if more than 30% of the original release is affected by your work. 6. A Mirage Factory file may not be altered or included in a new mod with the permission from a Mirage Factory Member. 7. Any scenery or map tile modifications by Wrench require permission to edit, change, or use. 8. Any uploads of mods to Dev A-Team products are limited to ini edits, and skins/decals. They have requested that NOTHING of theirs be stored or shared or passed around outside their own members-only website. Signatories to this agreement are (latest additions in bold): 101tfs 542Tiger (aka 331KillerBee) 76.IAP-Blackbird AleDucat allenjb42 AmokFloo baffmeister Baltika bender41 bobrock Brain32 CA_Stary Caesar Capitaine Vengeur ChampionsVA56 charley111 CIACHO Cocas column5 comrpnt CoolHand29 (MiGbuster) Corktip14 craigbrierley (Bongodriver) CrimsonRoamer Deadhead Dels Deuces Doghouse drdoyo dwcace erikgen EricJ Erwin_Hans ext FalconCAF FastCargo Firecage FLOGGER23 Fracture Fubar512 gambit168 Geezer Gepard ghostrider883 gillg Gocad GrinchWSLG Heck hgbn hi ho silver HrntFixr JA 37 Viggen Jan Tuma JAT81500 Jarhead1 jeanba JimBeamer#5 johnrey JRBeers JSF_Aggie Jtin Jug Julhelm kct Kesselbrut KingAlbert Klavs81 Krfrge Kulbit80 Longestpants littlesmoke LloydNB Major Lee malibu43 mikeymead MontyCZ mppd muesli PACMAN pcpilot p10ppy Paladrian pappychksix pcpilot PFunk pureblue Rambler 1-1 Raven ravenclaw_007 Red Dragon Designs Royohboy Russouk2004 scouserlad13 Shaolin Sheriff001 Signum Silverbolt Spinners Soulfreak Spitwulf STORM suhsjake Sundowner SUICIDAL Syrinx Tailspin Talos The Trooper thundercheif Timmy Tristan Typhoid USAFMTL (Dave) ValAstur (ex - NazGhul) Veltro2k Viper63 WarlordATF Warwolf01 whiteknight06604 wilco wingwiner WombRaider wpnssgt Wrench, The *** Special Cases ONLY X RAY yakarov79 Zurawski UllyB This applies only to work released individually as freeware. Not as part of a team (unless the team name is listed) or anything released as payware. If you have any questions, please get in contact with the modder and work things out. Also this doesn't apply to SimQH, they can not use anything from this for site for a damn thing.
  2. I know that a lot of you subscribe to IAPR as I do, so I thought I would share this. I made an index of sorts to make it easier to find articles rather than having to pull each volume off the shelf and check the back. This is version 1, next I will add an index for all of the issues of Wings of Fame. This was created in OpenOffice and saved as an MS Excel doc, so let me know if there are any formatting problems. IAPR_Index.zip
  3. GR9A

  4. F4D-1 Skyray

  5. A-4E Super Echo Addon


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