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plz help me!

i'd want to create a new campaign, but i don't know at all from where to start....

can someone plz post here a step by step tutorial or a ink to a topic about it?

plz help me, i have ideas for tons of campaigns, but i need to learn first.


however, thanks vey much to everyone who will try to help me...

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The link provided will give you all the details you need. Its the best way to learn all the ins and outs of campaign building, But if you want a quick start, Make a copy of a current campaigns folder,rename it and the INIs inside and open the Campaigns main .INI and the campaigns DATA.INI with notepad.


The main .INI has information like the Map used,Forces and squadron names involved.


The Data.ini will provide you with vital information like,Start Date,Plane and Weapon Types,Airbase Info,Ground Units ect. Its pretty straight forward and by simply changing start dates and plane and weapon types you can make a quick campaign for testing and learning the format.


Always do this in a Copy of the original campaigns folder so if you make a mistake you can just delete the folder and start over.


SFP1/WOV/WOE/FE are some of the best sims for modding i've ever messed with, TK has kept things pretty simple and once you figure out the format its easy to make almost any changes you would like to add.


Good Luck and if you run into questions not covered by the KB, feel free to post them and myself or some of the other people here will try to help :good:

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thanks very much, i'll try the guide and if everything goes right, in some months you will see a campaign taking place over the mediterranean sea

libya vs italy XD

however, thanks from me and from my mad ideas

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