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File Name: "Yak-12"

File Submitter: muesli

File Submitted: 2 Feb 2008

File Updated: 2 Feb 2008

File Category: Cold War Aircraft


Just a little tribute to an unknown jewel on the silver screen.

A black painted T-33 skin from the movie "Jet Pilot".



In the movie "Jet Pilot" by Howard Hughes John Wayne is a

USAF pilot in a Sabre intercepting a black "Yak-12". He says

a moment later that is surprisingly looks like their T-33.... blablabla

for the rest of the (romantic) story......

It is a very nice movie made between 1950 and 1957 with a very

nice plane line-up:

F-86, F-89, F-94, B-50, B-36, X-1, T-33.

All "enemy" fighters in this movie were painted grey and black,

so you can see F-86's and a F-89 in black, as is the T-33.


With many thanks to Column5, Gramps and Pasko who created

this T-33.










Click here to download this file

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Reported as "broken"....very odd.


Museli, try uploading/updating again, please?




kevin stein

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Hey Wrench,


strange that you got the "broken" message.


I hope this skin brings back memories for some.

As I said it is some kind of movie history. For me, I'm

just impressed by Howard Hughes' work and I

like the effort (in 1950!! Although the film is released in 1957)

of making Soviet planes out of the limited resource he had.

Hope the new file works (not a masterpiece, but I'm not that

kind of specialist).

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