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Spad XII

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Spad XII

Little mod of the Spad VII to turn it into a Spad XII (apologies and acknowledgement to Gr.Viper who went before me)


Model changes: removal of the nose humps and reskin

XXX_data.ini changes: tweaked flight model reflecting the much heavier weight, more powerful engine (220hp nominal), wing stagger, better aerodynamics, and more wing area

New weapon (37mm S.A.M.C.) New (it’s a mod of stock) reloading sound for the canon (its slow), New firing effect for the canon (cockpit smoke)

New hanger and loading screens


The canon is on the secondary fire button and takes 12 sec to reload (new sound more or less reflects this)

It has 12 reloads

I have seen the A.I get infrequent hits with this setup (I’m pretty infrequent too)


A few “Facts”


The Spad XII was a beefed up version of the Spad VII with a new engine (Hispano-Suiza 8Cb 220hp) and a slightly more refined fuselage, more wing area and the most obvious difference, slight wing stagger (something we can’t do with the stock model)

It had a 37mm S.A.M.C. semi-automatic canon with twelve reloads mounted to fire through the prop hub and with the breech situated between the pilot’s legs

Because of the breech placement the controls were of the Deperdussin type (wheel)


After initial enthusiasm for the aircraft by the French ace Georges Guynemer, the Aéronautique Militaire placed an order for 1000 airframes,

However the Spad XII proved very difficult to fly with its unfamiliar controls, the new weapon filled the cockpit with smoke on firing and was difficult to aim and reload, and to cap it off, the new Hispano-Suiza proved to be unreliable

Its doubtful that more than twenty aircraft were completed and these were issued singly to individual Aces of the Aéronautique Militaire, There were never more than 6-8 on the front at any one time and they were widely spread throughout the Escadrille’s


Top speed 220kph at SL

Ceiling 7000m

Empty weight 628kg



New Reloading sound: gun_reloadlg.wav goes in the Sounds folder

The SOUNDLIST.INI must be modified to add the sound (this must be extracted to the flight folder if you haven’t already) see below


New gunfire effect: 37mmSpad.ini must be placed in the effects folder


New cannon must be added to the bottom of your GUNDATA.INI (this must be extracted to the Objects folder if you haven’t already) see below, and then the GUNDATA.INI must be opened and saved with the gun editor


New aircraft folder SPAD_XII placed in the Objects/aircraft folder

This contains 4 skins (the French aces, Nungesser of Esc65, Madon of 38ESC, Fonck of Esc103 and Guynemer of Esc3),

the Ini’s necessary for the craft,

a hanger screen and two version of the loading screen: wide(default) and normal (you must rename it to use it)





Add near the top of the file:


SoundFile0XX=gun_reloadlg /////////////////////XX is the next number in the sequence above


And at the bottom add:











Add at the bottom of the file


[GunData0XX] //////////////////////////////////XX is the next sequential number


FullName=37mm SAMC Moteur canon























Important: the GUNDATA.INI must be saved in the gun editor after manual editing


Have fun :yes:


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Very Impressed ( BUT I KNEW I WOULD BE ) :fans:

Thx p10ppy OUTStanding work :clapping:

I didnt bother flying the spads B4

but i will now :yes:

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