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doc serizawa

Missing cockpit textures in WOI

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I've been moving a lot of my planes from WOE/WOV over to WOI, and for the most part it is going OK. My main problem are the missing textures in the cockpit. I know that the textures are missing because they are from planes that aren't in WOI. Seeing as TK isn't likely to add a merging feature for WOI, I'm asking for some help in getting them fixed. I've dug around the forums and have gotten some hints, but I'm afraid I'm still having problems.


I've extracted a bunch of the textures from the WOE object.cat and have placed them into the cockpit folders, but I always seem to miss a few, and I'm betting a lot of the ones I do copy aren't needed in the first place. Is there a list of 'usual suspects' that I can just copy over that should cover everything?


Alternatively, I've read that I can use a HEX editor to find the missing textures. Well, my HEX editing skills are pretty weak. I've opened up some xxx_cockpit.lod, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. (Am I even looking at the right file?) Can somebody come up with a tutorial to give me a hand here?


Finally, is there some way to get WOI to look in at other .cat files, so I can avoid doing any of the above work? (Or so that you guys can avoid doing the work for me, really...)


I'm going to thank you all in advance for even reading this. I may be asking a awfully lot here.

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Open up a .lod with the hex editor

Dont change anything


Do a Search for ".bmp"


that will hopefully stick you next to the name of a texture (ie texture1.bmp)

Note that name down - then look for others



Think you can set terrain inis to look in particular cats - apart from that i dont know


You may be best to wait till the new patches come out to see if that saves you the work :)

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to the cat question, the simple answer is NO

As to the terrain cat pointer, YES, but you'll need a tile set, as WoI uses a different naming convention then SF, WoV and WoE.


As to the cockpit question, say you need the cockpit side bmp for the F-100 (as its used for the Saar and Sambad pits -- btw, this was covered in the Official WoI mini-forum - as someone had already asked the question)


Open you WoE objects cat with the extractor, and pull out any files pertaining to the F-100's pit. I think it's about 15-20 files including the lod. Drop them into the Saar's cockpit folder - which you'll probably have to create.


Took me all of 2 minutes to do it...


Then, you can d/l the hi-rez Hun pit from here, and just drop the new bmps into the cockpit folder.


It couldn't be any easier.



kevin stein

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Thanks for the responses.


I could have sworn I was searching for .bmps in the hex editor and coming up with nothing... I guess I could learn to type one of these days.


I read about Saar and Sambad already- I was wondering if there were any particular guages or dials from the earlier sims that that pit makers like to use. Like 'if there's a a big white circle in the pit, it's probably one of these three files.' A list of these 'usual suspects' could be kept. Seeing as the hex editor works and isn't that complicated, it's not needed.


As for the cat files, I figured it was a big no, but I just wanted to make sure.

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