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What is your favourite 'add-on' aircraft and why?

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I've only been into 'Strike Fighters' for about a month, buying SFG and running a merged WOE and SFG. The add-on aircraft and skins really make this an addictive game (or sim or whatever).


So far, my favourite add-on aircraft have been the FB-111A and the F-16XL with the former being untouchable at low-level and the latter being just the sweetest handling aeroplane!






How about you?

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I guess I have two:


The MF Crusader(s) and the Dev A-Team Spitfire(s). Who would have thought of that? :biggrin:


But to be honest, it's really hard to pick a favorite among the numerous magnificent addons that have been released so far. They're all great.

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My favourite's the Mirage Factory's F-14 Tomcat because:


As far as I know no combat simulator over the past 10 years has a well detailed F-14 with BVR ability... Thanks to the Mirage Factory & Combat Ace all you have to do is buy any of the thirdwire games, download the aircraft & the appropriate weapons pack & there you have it...


Your very own F-14 detailed to the dot & ready for combat !!


Once again: I don't think any other F-14 exists for any combat sim even as an add-on... Please correct me if i'm wrong..

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