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Frontlines - Important Information and Updates!

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If you purchased Frontlines on an Online Downloader



If you ordered Frontlines: Fuel of War via one of the online download services, you should be able to unlock it tomorrow at 9am PST. The game weighs in at 12 gigs, but most of the download services compress their files, shaving off a couple gigs.


The following digital download sites will be releasing Frontlines on 2/27, 9AM PST:


* Steam

* Direct 2 Drive

* Digital River

* Trymedia US

* GamersGate



PC Server Browser Issues





Kaos Senior Producer, Joe Halper posted an announcement that they are working on the server browser issues concerning the PC version of Frontlines: Fuel of War - We are noticing some issues with our PC multiplayer server browser. We have a team that is addressing this and we will notify you when we have a fix available. We appreciate your patience and we are doing all that we can to rectify the situation.


Frontlines on Retail store Shelves Today (Wednesday)


Frontlines: Fuel of War should be on your local retailer's store shelf today. I went over to my local Fry's Electronics to pick up the game, and they seemed to have a good amount in stock, of course this will vary by location. Make sure to call ahead!


Frontlines Listen Servers (Mitch Community Manager)



Kaos Community Manager, Mitch posted instruction on how to setup a Frontlines: Fuel of War listen server.



Starting a Listen Server w/FFOW Ver 1.0.0



Look for the 'FFOW_NAT_IP.bat' file in the 'THQ\Frontlines-Fuel of War\Binaries' folder


Right click on the file and select 'Edit'


You will see the following command line:

ffow -CustomPublicIP=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

Save the .bat file with the IP in it.


Now Open/Run the bat file - it will open the game and you should be able to start a listen server with a valid IP and others will be able to join your game. Read the Rest...


Frontlines KAOS Studios Adds more servers....


Over on the Kaos Forums, Frontlines: Fuel of War General Manager, Frank Delise announced that the Kaos dedicated servers are now up and they will continue to add more as needed.


Sorry for the delay folks, Kaos Dedicated Servers are now up.


We will continue to add more servers as they are populated and we will be releasing the standalone dedicated servers tools soon.


Thanks for your patience.


Frontlines Fuel of War Editor information


Just a quick note if your looking to mess around with the editor all you need to do is add "editor" to the end of your Frontlines: Fuel of War shortcut in the target line.


1. Right click on the Frontlines: Fuel of War shortcut, go to properties.

2. In the target line add the word "editor" to the end without the quotes.


It should look like this if your install path is the default.

"C:\Program Files\THQ\Frontlines-Fuel of War\Binaries\FFOW.exe" editor


Sorry for the long post, though information is coming in faster than it can get posted.






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TWELVE GIGS???!?! I thought UT3's 8GB was large...




While ive pushed this game, you might want to hold off until they get things sorted with the game patch.



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