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Attrition War Campaign BETA 2

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Download (ZIP, 16.5 KB)


Attrition War BETA 2

Campaign for Third Wire's Wings Over Israel


I'm pretty sure this campaign is ready for play. Since I haven't been able to thoroughly test everything yet, I'm posting it up for a second BETA. Give it a try, see how you like it.


This campaign attempts to depict the situation in the Middle East as it stood between June 1967 and October 1973. My intent is to simulate the frequent border skirmishes that characterized this era.


Basically, this campaign is a modification of the stock WOI Yom Kippur campaign. It begins in July 1967 and ends in September 1973. Ground offensive has been disabled, so borders should remain static. Supply is minimal, restricting the number of aircraft in the sky. Mission mix should include routine patrols punctuated by occasional strike missions into enemy territory.


IAF fighter and strike squadrons start out with their historical aircraft, entering the campaign at the time they were activated. Some squadrons will upgrade both their livery and their aircraft type during the course of the campaign.


The Soviets also make an appearance in early 1970 and 1971.


There are two versions of Attrition War included: Standard and Custom.



This campaign assumes a standard installation of WOI. No add-on aircraft, skins, weapons, or effects have been used, nor have any user-enabled AI aircraft been employed.



Same as Standard, except for two items, both relating to the Soviets: 1) You'll need to install the skin SovietSilver1 from WOE into the MiG-21MF folder, and 2) You'll need to install the MiG-25RB from the Foxbat Package (made by wpnssgt, usafmtl, tomcat1974, sundowner,ghostrider, deuces and moonjumper), available at CombatAce ( http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=4019 ) .


To install Attrition War, extract the subfolder *woiCamp4* from either the Standard or Custom folder and drop it into your WOI Campaigns folder. To play, select *670701 Attrition War* from the Campaign start screen.


As this campaign is a second BETA version, I'd appreciate any feedback you might have. Post your findings here, or contact me via e-mail (address in the campaign ReadMe)


Feel free to modify or improve this campaign as you see fit.


**Thanks to TK for his patient, detailed explanations of the WOI campaign engine's mission-generation and supply routines.**

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so far, so good. Very nicely laid out and the beta 1 works great so far. I'll look at the beta2 later if you post it up at CA. My spam blocker locks out your site.

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Did some flying of it today. I love it. I got an idea for a project. Let me know if you are intersted.

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