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Need a new airfield: Nam Phong RTAFB

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Can anyone come up with a flat spot in Thailand to fit a new airfield on? My Marine A-6A Intruders and Phantom IIs also flew from this Nam Phong RTAFB in 1972-73, and there is no reference for it in Yankee Air Pirate either. Any help would be appreciated.


Mike Druzolowski

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Not just a 'flat area' Mike, but a flattened area, suitable for dropping a airbase on. I'm assuming this is for WoV?

There's also the fact the map might be too small for it; it might be 'off the map'.


Since I don't know where the base is, I may just be talking through my ah...er...hat!




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It will fit on the map. It is south of Udorn. Here is a link to a not so clear map:




Here is a short video of the base:




"Nam Phong, in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand in June of 1972 became a base of operations for Marine Air Operations by elements of MAG-15, 1st MAW. Elements of squadrons that had previously been located in Da Nang, RVN were moved to Namphong starting in June of 1972"



VMFA-115 Silver Eagles, 12 each, F4B Phantoms

VMFA-232 Red Devils, 15 each, F4J Phantoms

VMA(All Weather)-533 Nighthawks, 12 each, A6A Intruders

VMGR-152, 4 each, KC-130 refueler aircraft

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Sorry, what I meant was: Has anyone successfully added this base to their WOV installation? It is missing from the default install, and YAP did not add it either. I made an attempt to start adding several VNAF bases to the SVN terrain and was having trouble finding flat terrain to stick them to. I have not done the research to modify terrain, so was hoping someone had done this already.




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Unfortunatley, I don't have the time to do it, but I can give you all the steps necessary TO do it....


1) Download the MOST recent Terrain Editor, available at 3rd Wire

2) Open a blank notepad sheet

3) Open the vietnamSEA_targets ini, and begin listing the individual target areas in the blank notepad sheet, using the following format:



Name=A Shau

TextureType=4 *








*= not sure if this is a valid texture type for SEA!!! The data, edited for this post, was taken from the Iran/Iraq citylist.ini that I had to build, based off a 'desert' style terrain. But, since you'renot retiling, it may not make a differenct, as you're only going to be adding then 'flatten airfield'


Do this for ALL the listed target area; where it's an airbase set "HasAirfield=" to TRUE. BTW, there are 124 target areas, ending with Yen Bai.


4) COPY the VietnamSEA terrain folder INTO the Terrain Editor's main folder. You do NOT need to cat.

5) From the VeitnamSEA.cat, extract the


VietnamSEA_Targets.ini (also, create backups by 'save as...' ori_***_inis)




6) in 'playable' game install, locate postion of needed airfield, add to targets ini. ADD to citylist.ini Copy new targets & citylist insi to version of terrain in TE...


7) Open TE, open VietnamSEA.HFD. Open citylist; 'edit' city list, and make sure the added airfield is showing; should be last on the list.


8) From the top menu bar, "EDIT"...Level airfield. Yo should see a progress bar run across the screen. It'll go very fast!

9) Again, from the "EDTI" menu bar, Smooth Height Field.

10) SAVE ALL == this is MOST important!!!

11) Close TE


12) copy/paste the new HFD & TFD into the WoV VietnamSEA folder. REMEMBER -- keep the original HFD and TFD in the cat, as backups.


13) fly a mission (or if good enough,) build on flying over the new airfield. Use free camera view to double chek flatness of airfield

14) Repeat of necessary


Told you it was fun!!



kevin stein

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When you get the base installed,name it MCAS Rose Garden.

The Marines in 1972 had a recruiting video and poster that "Didn't promise you a Rose Garden". A country western song made popular by Lynn Anderson

The conditions at the base were so primitive(tents,temporary mess halls,etc.),The Corps and the people there more or less called it Marine Corps Air Station Rose Garden.

I flew out of there a couple of times. Danang even looked good compared to that place.



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Thanks Kevin,


I'll have to give it a try. I appreciate the step-by-step. There are several VNAF bases I would like to see added as well that had runways at least 4000 ft long. I have had mixed success adding airfields to the existing terrain - the Marble Mountain Air Facility next to Da Nang went in without too much fuss, but much of the rest of the terrain is very uneven, and parts of your base start going underground without a little TE attention.

Thanks again,

Mike D.

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