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Guest Ranger332

What a Good laugh roflol

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Guest Ranger332

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

got this on ICQ un requested He texted and ask autherazation lol


"you suck"




Galen Thurber


NS, Canada




Online Support:

Peanut Linux

flightsimHQ (Free Open Source flightsim resources patches, missions)

Flightsim Status (experience)

current: YSflight (63hrs)

non-current: FA (500+hrs+dev),


Spiritual/Religious Org.: Secular Humanist

Hobbyists Org.: Aviation PC simulation, soaring

Self Improvement Group: Recovery from Religion


College: Secular Humanist

Military: Webmaster DND.CA DNDHQ DGP



Roflol X 2000 I put him on ignor lol



probably wants a comment to post and will say I attacked him so If you get this dont respond He will prob twist it around and post it in his lil forum.

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Guest Ranger332

lol no I wont reply that is what he wants I always wonder how he got these quote for his forum I think this is how. No were all better then that here only posted it here so other cound see how this can get started.


I realy found it funny.---again not trying to get him "bad mouthed" just informing thats all forwarned is forarmed. :))

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I thought we got rid of him a long time ago.

I guess we will never be free of old Galen.

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Guest Ranger332
Ya well, he's a jackass, and the best is to just ignore him.


exactly my point as stated only posted to show and warn others. and as far as his site that is just were he post them,at lest hes improving for a long time his was the only postings there lol. but lets not "bad mouth him here as he watches here and will extract and us it LETS JUST LAUGH AT IT AND BE BETTER PPL :)

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