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  1. Ok, I guess I don't know as much about cpu's as I thought. My OFF ran perfect on my vista system until I downloaded the new mini patch. Now I get the "Fatal error loading. Try reinstalling error message." I followed the instructions on the OFF FAX, but when I get to the run as admin part. I can't click on the box to check it. Is there a way to unlock this box. If so can someone point me in the right direction please. I'm missing my OFF. Thanks
  2. I think I might have installed C over B. I bet that might be my problem. I'll try again.
  3. Hey guys. Just got my game a few days ago. Loving it by the way. I had a question for the modders in the community. I know that OFF uses CF3 files. Is it possible to mod OFF files with CF3 files? For example. Can I download a new railway tunnel that was made for CF3 and put it into OFF? If not is there anybody doing mods for OFF. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THE GAME. More or less just curious.
  4. Hey guys this is a bump. I'm not sure if this is in the right forum? If it isn't could an admin move it to the right place? thanks
  5. OFF

    Welcome aboard guys. I have never really been interested in WWI sims, until I started seeing some of the screen shots from OFF. I would like to purchase the game but was wondering if some of you could fill me in on the game a bit from those that play it. How is the emmersion, do you feel for your fellow pilots? How is the damage modeling? Do you fly the same plane your whole tour? Are there any bad things about the game? ETC., ETC. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also, where do I purchase, and do I have to have CFS3? Thanks guys.
  6. OFF

    WOW! I believe I just found my next purchase! Thanks for the CD offer there Camel Jockey. One more thing though. How does it run on Vista?
  7. Oh goodness. Everyone is showing their age now. Mine was Yeagers combat, and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (SWOTL).
  8. I just added Nato fighters I and II to my vanilla WOE. Installation went fine. I then started the game. Now here is the problem. I dont have any weapons. I dont even have any to choose from in my loadout screen. I apologze if this is the wrong area to post this problem, but I knew the most people would see it here. Any ideas?
  9. That seems to have fixed my problem man. Thats great! It just stinks that I cant use the new patch. When is NF3 commin out? I cant wait!
  10. I don't know if you fly the A-6. There is a CCIP download somewhere here in the files. I dont know if it works on other aircraft though. You might have to do a little searching for it.
  11. I've looked through all of the files and only found light mods for the airfields. It's very hard to find my little postage stamp in the middle of the ocean at night. Can someone point me in the right direction to light up my aircraft carriers.
  12. Im in the commercial construction trade here in Louisville. I have been laid off for the first time in 18 years at my company, and I'm at the top of the food chain. It seems to be happening all over the city here. Have a merry Christmas huh. Guess I'll tell the kids Santa had to lay off most of his little munchins to save on his overhead. Deer food prices were to high this year to deliver toys. It costs to much to do his sleigh repairs. Seriously though. Everyone is saying it will get better after the new year. Lets hope so. We are squeekin by here on my wifes income and unemployment. And a really close family! Happy Holidays to all.
  13. A Good Sim You Aren't Playing

    Are any of you guys running the game on Vista? I'd love to buy the game but don't want to spend the money if it wont run on my machine.
  14. A Good Sim You Aren't Playing

    One question. How well does it run on Vista? I have to many old games I can't play anymore because of this.
  15. Deals Gap Pocket Bike fun

    Ah! The Dragon. Made it down there a few years ago for the Honda Hoot. We left Kentucky in a heavy rain. Rained the whole way there. Rained every day except for one, Which is when we did Deals Gap. I loved every second of it. Scraped pegs on just about every corner. The only thing that scared me were the bikes comming the opposite direction. Some of them came around the turns in my lane. Have fun and dont end up with any of your bikes parts hanging on the tree at the gift shop on the far side.
  16. PhantomWarrior's Death - Or Not? PLEASE READ!!

    Ok. My turn! I have been comming to the site pretty much for over a year now. I like to come in and check up on LOMAC and SF. I dont post very often, but Ranger has left me no choice. I have never served in the military (although I wish I had). My father, and three of my uncles have all done their duty in the Army between '60 and '76. My father was before Vietnam, but my uncles were all stationed in Vietnam at various times. One of which left with red hair and came home with white hair, and wont talk to ANYONE about his experiences in "the nam" with the acception of "I would do it again if ordered". All of these men would be blown away by what you have done Ranger. I cannot believe that you have ever served your country. You should be ashamed of yourself. People like you make me sick. PS. Sorry for the attack MJ.
  17. What a Good laugh roflol

    I thought we got rid of him a long time ago. I guess we will never be free of old Galen.
  18. LOMAC

    I think it will be here. Me personally, I would rather have a finished game without bugs. Unlike Strike Fighters. Even though it has turned into a very good sim, but I would rather wait and see LOMAC released complete.
  19. Soldner website

    WOW! Looks alot like Operation Flashpoint. Only better graphics. Hope the single player is as good as OF.
  20. another french joke

    LOL! LMAO! Love the joke man! I agree with Fast Eagle. Everybody needs to lighten up a little. PS. Didnt know you were back Fast Eagle. WELCOME HOME!
  21. Boycott Paris Airshow?

    Dont they realize if it wasnt for the good ol USA in WW2 (and WW1), then they would be speaking German right now. Maybe we should have let the commies have Germany and France years ago.

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