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Flight Jacket Nametags

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Hey Gruppe,

I just moved. I can't find my SH official looking nametag I had for my flight jacket and sage green zoombags 20 years ago. I found a site but they only do them on black leather and don't have Navy Aircrew Wings. We either had gold ink on brown or something bitchin embroidered in Japan or the Phillipines. At the watering hole someone called BS on me when I told him what our aircrew shops' GTH/protest nametag was so I wore that one on my jacket the next session and did not switch it back. I had a bad feeling about that. Anybody know any vendors? I bet gobs of other folk here have a similar snivel. Thanks Gruppe! :ph34r: CL


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Yah the 2"x4" nametag is what I'm asking for. Navy wings are differant tho. Nice link. You AF guys always had cool sources for your stuff.

:ph34r: CL


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I have no idea what the hell you just said...


However, if you are looking for cloth flight suit nametags, try http://www.mardonco.com/


Mardon Nametags...a LOT of military use them.




made perfect and complete sense to me!




out here there are enough of us REAL aircrew that the uniform shop has all the Right Stuff. except for brown leather and such.....


I've got this silly NORAD patch now. But if you come up empty, give me a pm with the details and I'll see if they can gin one up for you.

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