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AIM-4D carried by F-4D and E

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Has anyone come up with entries for the stock WOV F-4D or E for carrying the AIM-4D on a rail inside of the intermediate pylon and on a rail underneath that same pylon. This was the air-to-air config for F-4Es in Europe during the 70s and for the F-4D in SEA until about 1970 or so before the D was modified to carry the Sidewinder (many Ds still carried Falcons into the Linebacker phase). Aternately, 2xFalcons inboard only and std TER under the pylon as usual.


Am aware of the StationGroupID limits, just wondering if anyone came up with something workable.



Mike D.

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I would say that both loadouts you mentioned could be done by editing the loadout.ini and adding IRMs to the InnerWingStations.


EDIT: Did a quick test, came up with this:



FYI: the Sparrow stations are split up into two stationgroups, so I merged them into one and split up the Sidewinder stations instead. Unfortunately I do think that the Sidewinder rails cannot be split up, so even when you carry an IRM on the inner side of the inner wing station the rails will show up on both sides...


Btw, the StationGroups are only important for the loadout screen, they do not affect the loadout.ini

Edited by Gocad

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the heater rails are part of the inner pylons - also the AIM-4 uses a differnet LAU adapter.


I did make one up for a D mode, but it is imcomplete....


MikeD pm me pls.

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