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Did Anyone ever figured this out?

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Database error in Subdreamer


Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO sd_syslog (username, type, message, severity, location, referer, hostname, timestamp)

VALUES ('', '', '', 0, '', '', '', 1208239403)

Error: Too many connections

Error number:

Date: Tuesday 15th of April 2008 06:03:23 AM

File: http://www.combatace.com/index.php



I went to log in here again and this message came up yet again and I was wondering if anyone ever figured out what this meant or what it derives from?

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Simple, while trying to log something, the database answered it was too busy and couldn't open a connection as requested, because too many were already opened.


What is strange though is that the SQL INSERT statement is empty, basically logging nothing, meaning either the code performs superfluous operations or there is a logic bug somewhere.


Concerning the connections trouble, that might mean that either the code is ill-optimised, opening more connections than needed and failing to release them soon or fast enough; that the server is ill-configured, allowing too little connections to be opened for the traffic and code involved; or simply that the server is showing its limits and the mean time of treating connections means every requests takes longer than they should keeping connections alive far too long.


Don't worry if the answer sounded more cryptic than what prompted the question.

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Or more exact ....


Our download system was recently updated which included new settings I was unaware of. Exactly the ability to limit simultaneous downloads. Before this setting was not an option it was hard coded to only allow one download at a time and left unconfigured it was allowing people with download accelerators to open hundreds of new simultaneous connections (read: users to MYSQL) to download segmented or multiple files. This overloaded MYSQL with users causing regular traffic to get MYSQL timeouts waiting on a new user to free itself up.


Since I've now read the NEW manual the setting has been configured and we shouldn't see this happen again. I apologize it took me a few weeks to realize and attribute this to upgraded software.


The server and MYSQL are running and have been configured for optimal use based on this site's demand. Let me know if you incur any more of these errors and thanks for letting me know about them.



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Erik, please dont get me wrong, I wasnt complaining or anything or getting mad, I was just wondering if someone could explain what was happening and why it was happening, thats all. I understand that things happen and especially since this site is paid for out of the pocket of urself and other people on the site. I am thankful that this site is even here.



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