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Rocket pod launch angles

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I'm flying the T-6 Harvard equipped with UV-32 rocket pods. For some reason, on this aircraft, they fire downwards at a marked angle of some 10 degrees, although on other aircraft, they launch at 0 degrees. I have tried modifying the angle of the pylons (normally 0.0,0.0,0.0) to 0.0,10.0,0.0 and this changes the visual appearance of the pods/pylons, but not the launch angle. Funnily enough, changing the first co-ordinates to angle left or right does change the launch angle. When I use gunpods, they do more-or-less coincide with the gunsight.


You'll see what I mean from the screenies - on one you can clearly see the rocket leaving the pod at a very strange angle.


Any bright ideas, anyone?

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I think You can change the angle of the pylon in ...Data.ini file -maby this helps.... :dntknw:


Already tried, as per the initial post - thanks anyway.

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open the data.ini and add the line below in the flightcontrol section


RocketBoresightAngle=1.5___________________________( the value 1.5 is from my f-104g mod and probable wrong for your airplane )














RocketBoresightAngle=1.5___________________________you have to add this line here and play with the value a bit

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Thanks, Ravenclaw - that looks promising.


Bang on - it was set to -1.5, would you believe! Setting it to =1 does the job perfectly.



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