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High Resolution PR ANW Terrain Tiles

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High Resolution PR ANW Terrain Tiles

*****High Resolution PR ANW Terrain Tiles*****

by Brain32



This is a set of high resolution (1024x1024) tiles for America North West terrain. Installation is simple, just unrar all the *.BMP's into your ANW terrain.

Tiles were as usual made with help of satelite imagery, and are actually taken more from mid West USA than North West, but I think they still fit into general terrain idea.

Dont get too concerned with high resolution or the size of the tiles, ANW terrain has only 6 tile types so this mod will not have any performance impact whatsoever, I tested it personally under WOI on my aged system and it went super smooth.


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Wow, Brain32 these tiles are beautiful! Splendid work indeed. The biggest problem is that I'm flying down in the weeds so I can admire the fruits of your labor, and I keep getting jumped from above.

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"Someone know where I can get the original ANW?"


The ANW terrain was from Major Lee's site, but you can use Doghouse's AmericaNW Mountain Thaw available in the Downloads section here under Terrains. That is what I'm using in WOI. Brain32's new tiles will over-write all the tiles included in the AmericanNW Mountain Thaw terrain.


If you use Doghouse's AmericaNW Mountain Thaw, you will have to edit the AmericaNW_DATA.INI file to remove








There is no mountain2.BMP, and it will cause the program to hard lock. The [Texture007] entry is located at the very bottom of the AmericaNW_DATA.INI file, so it is very easy to locate.


Major Lee's original AmericaNW_DATA.INI is correct, and will not need to be editted.

Edited by NeverEnough

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