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Guest Tazkiller

Alternate Loading Screen Sound

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Guest Tazkiller

Ever get tired of the Loading Screen Sound?


The sound doesn't last; while the simulation is loading!


Try this one.

It is an actual sound of a J-57 on start-up.


1) Go to your Flight folder of the simulation you want to change.

2) Locate a sound file named "loading".

3) Back up the original!!!!!!

4) Extract the sound file into the Flight folder.

5) Let it overwrite the original.


Hope you enjoy.






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Guest Tazkiller
Good Stuff! I drive a piston slapper 3/4 of the time. While loading I see a Bitchin pictiure of a SPAD or A1E and hear that lame jet sound that I never heard on an aircraft carrier or on the beach. :ph34r: CL



Glod to hear that u approve!!!!!!!

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The WW2 installs have a nice sound of a Merlin starting up ... nothing like that (unless its an R-2800!!)


I wonder though, couldn't a sound be assigned for a specific aircraft via main ini edits??? Like:



AircraftFullName=F-86E-10-NA Sabre








or something similiar??? Just a wild thought!!



kevin stein

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Nice Idea!!!!!


Didn't know you could do that! :wink:


Out-f***ing-standing!! :ok: All we need now is some loading screens showing the pilot sitting in the cockpit going through the pre-flight checks. Got some already from Wikipedia for my F-4E and F-111F which fill the bill for those models.

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