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Hey guys,

some help with a few issues I'm having would be much appreciated. Ths first issue I have is with WOV, I have tried adding desert terrains but am having the same problem with the terrain being patchy with a blue camo effect over parts of the ground. I used the exact same folder and put it in my WOE terrain folder and the terrain works perfectly once I edit the terrain.ini file with no blemishes. The second problem I have with WOE is that everytime I exit a mission the screen goes black, flashes a few times and exits the game completely. I am using nocd patches for both games as I don't have the cd's when I'm traveling with my laptop.

Any ideas or theories would be great. Thanks


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Well if you are fully patched you have never had to use the cd.

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Yeah as Dave says you shouldnt need the CDs anyway - what versions are your games patched to? (bottom right hand of the main screen).


What version of Direct X are you running?




type in dxdiag

press enter


Do other Direct X games work on your Notebook okay? could be a graphics driver issue.

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