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Hi CaptainCA,


look at : www.allaircraftarcade.com/forum/index.php


and search for QMBPlus



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Hello there! I have some question about QMBPlus. I guess my promblem is because of my version of game is 4.06m, and this dont fit, but anyway I ask to make sure. I dowloaded latest QMBPlus and made instalinng like was described, and now have no effect in game.

First I made “Unpack content of Files folder in your Files folder”. But in my main il2 directory I have no files folder. Or is this that main directory? Look, here is command line of il2- "D:\GAMES\IL2 stourmovik\il2fb.exe". Where should be this files folder? I think this is just main folder so copid stuff there.

Next “copy content of filelist.txt into your filelist.txt”. The same, I have no filelist.txt. Where shold it be? I put it in main folder.

Next “Add content from gui_ru.changes to your gui_ru.properties file which is in your files/i18n folder”. The same, I have i18n folder but no gui_ru.properties file. So I created it and add mentioned content.

And next: “If you are new user add following in the end of your conf.ini file:”. Done, I didnt have this line in conf.ini so I just add it.

And no result. QMB is like this was before (nothing happened), in short nothing. To be shure I copied folders and files there and there, and so and so, and there and so, and so and there. Game runs like before and there are no new option. My version is 4.06m (russian). May be problem in russian version? But seems the game is identical to eng version. The last addon I bought was about stormoviks over Manchuria 4.06m (I dont know the name of english version of this disk). So probably I must buy and install this last addon “46” ( where about jet planes) and patch it? Or what?

May be somedody have problem like this? Can somebody explain what to do or what was done incorrect?


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