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  1. MiG-21PF_Cockpit photoreal

    there are F, PFV and PFM. which of them must I use for PF? I jsut unshure of identity. and avionics files, and so on...
  2. MiG-21PF_Cockpit photoreal

    I flying right in the air, there is no cockpit. should I add Avionics60.dll and avionics.ini or like that? and where to take them? sorry for question man, I did't play the game for about 6 years, and absolutely behind the times.
  3. here is error message that appears when i launch planes with mig cocpit. "instruction to the address "0x0305da84" turn to memory to the address "0x00000000". memory can not be "read"." i downloaded addon b57 canberra cocpit, mannualy add needed info to b-57b.ini and it works ok, i enjoyed it all the day. and f111. but i put to the game mig17pf (plus all files that was needed) with no change, an it crashed. i changed NationName of the plane, that it became us plane, it crahed anyway. problem is in the cocpit, but i dont understand what. As far as I understand it, i use common stuff that is used by all people, like cocpits by ordway (http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autocom=downloads&showfile=6519). nothing extraordinary. i don't use any special paks ans so on. i dont use complete mods, i just add alone plane or cocpit for it, as i did it before. why all the us planes works? all fly mig17 and mig21 dont you? or i wrong, nobody flys soviet planes? what is "instructions in the Red Air cockpit paks" where is it?
  4. well, about error mesage. i'v got 2 os, winxp and me, both are rus, so i cannot tell exactly what it says, because there are mixed english and russian words. but the sence something about memory reading error (semms with number). i did standart procedure, i play this game long before, so i'v got a lots of this staff. after latest patch, i donladed lattest mig17-19 cocpits, sat them and got crush. i did all as usuall, i think all correct. i wasnot in the theme some time, so may be i must do something new? some new instructions? what is strange, that for test, i put there mig-15 from old korea pak and it works ok. i dont know what to do. dont works old mig21s cocs too, no one. why all ami planes works, and no commi planes do? lads, please help me, i spent so for this this game and broken now!
  5. i patched wov with oct patch, and got this problem- all ok but additional cocpit\planes for northviet. i set cocpit mig17 for example, or install for example latetest mig17pf and result the same- loading screen and the game crushed to win with error message. all ok with us planes, i installed f-111 and all ok, its wrong only with commi planes. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? i dowloaded and set up add on cocpits and planes hundred times, it worked everytime, and what today? someone coudl say me what to do? for shure, i'm aggravated with all this staff. i guess i cannot use obscene language at forum, coulld i tell shortly and hardly in russian, about all this? all right, dear Sirs, Could you please tell me, how fix the problem with added soviet cocpits? or this happens only with me?
  6. Hello! I downloaded DCG Campaign Generator and this is really very good thing and I like it. It works ok but one thing. I have some bug when I launch Pacific campagnes like Tarawa or Okinawa. It seems this bug is only when there are US navy squadrons in campagn (with VF or VB index). There is message in scuadron editor that “$” is not a valid integer value, and after no mission is generated. All others campagnes works ok. My il2 version is 4.06m. I know that it should be asked on DCG developers site but may be here somebody knows what’s the matter?
  7. Hello there! I have some question about QMBPlus. I guess my promblem is because of my version of game is 4.06m, and this dont fit, but anyway I ask to make sure. I dowloaded latest QMBPlus and made instalinng like was described, and now have no effect in game. First I made “Unpack content of Files folder in your Files folder”. But in my main il2 directory I have no files folder. Or is this that main directory? Look, here is command line of il2- "D:\GAMES\IL2 stourmovik\il2fb.exe". Where should be this files folder? I think this is just main folder so copid stuff there. Next “copy content of filelist.txt into your filelist.txt”. The same, I have no filelist.txt. Where shold it be? I put it in main folder. Next “Add content from gui_ru.changes to your gui_ru.properties file which is in your files/i18n folder”. The same, I have i18n folder but no gui_ru.properties file. So I created it and add mentioned content. And next: “If you are new user add following in the end of your conf.ini file:”. Done, I didnt have this line in conf.ini so I just add it. And no result. QMB is like this was before (nothing happened), in short nothing. To be shure I copied folders and files there and there, and so and so, and there and so, and so and there. Game runs like before and there are no new option. My version is 4.06m (russian). May be problem in russian version? But seems the game is identical to eng version. The last addon I bought was about stormoviks over Manchuria 4.06m (I dont know the name of english version of this disk). So probably I must buy and install this last addon “46” ( where about jet planes) and patch it? Or what? May be somedody have problem like this? Can somebody explain what to do or what was done incorrect?
  8. from where can i download this liipped 3yearsold J-5A/MiG-17PF? or wil be new model? i read that a few J-5A was in vietnam since 66 and qne was downed. by the way in vietnam part of mig17f was russian biuld, and part was J-5.
  9. WW1 Aircraft Encyclopedia

    here is the site with camos of ww1 and other epoches planes -- http://wp.scn.ru/en/cat there is russian magazin with some modeling staff and include drawings and paintigs of military tekniks. this very old magazin (sins 50s years issued) and in it really good things lies (like Ilia Muromets heavy bombers, early Sicorscy planes and so on). today fans of all this things scan old and new book version and expose them in internet. name of it is Modelist-Konstruktor, in russian is Œ®¤¥«¨áâ-Š®­áâàãªâ®à, or ¦ãà­ « Œ®¤¥«¨áâ Š®­áâàãªâ®à. here is its official site - http://www.modelist-konstruktor.ru/ but there is very little. it shoud search for fun sites, there is really nice thimgs and drawings scanned. for examle here is one of fun sites -- http://mkmagazin.almanacwhf.ru/index.htm. but they are mainly in russian lang, so be ready.
  10. thanks, thou it's not that way I love to fight, anyway I'll search for this
  11. hi all! does anybodi knows some mission generator for il2+pf like for lockon (lomu). because that editors included in game is not good for me (one is simple and boring and another is too complex and in both there is no surprise fight, if i made mission i know what objects in it). may be sombody knows any site where is quick editor or generator like this, or any other editor made by thirdside, not developers of the game? TIA!
  12. btw, if it is still needed, i can make some translation from russian into english. but it will be very nice to send me the stuff directly on my email, and exatly discribe what is the question, and which place to be translated and so on. i am absolutely run out of internet now, so i even didnt look all the pages about this topic. and it will be the best to pack the translate stuff and especially pictures in archive like zip or rar. here is my mail -- sanya22@inbox.ru
  13. Some days ago i sat up UberAI V2.0 by Fubar512 to WoV-Korea mod. What to say? It became a few better, and that is all and nothing more. And LookoutAngle- DefensiveAngle=360 i made by myself before, and this is not very helpful. Today i had to clean VisualRestrictedArc – MaxVisibleDistance in all planes data.ini, so they now more informed and more often are trying to evade gunfire. But AI in any case is dull. I downed 2 panthers in 2.2 minutes from they were visually cheked. The most stunning thing is when flight leader is dead, remainings are flying absolutely straigt rout to home. Bang-bang-bang- and you are ace! I think i will not buy next thirdwire games. I’ll spend my money and ‘ll get the same. Firstly they should make WoV AI to figft normally, i don’t trust them. They released a servise pack and a patch for the Wov, what they patched there i don’t now, but i don’t like it. I downloaded a lot of vietnam war/korea war objects, read a lot of russian/english books about these wars to know about this planes and tanks and so on, sat them up, tuned them, and all this things, chiefly i spent a lot of my time. And now i learned that i should place it in the trashbag and should buy a new their game where probably all will be ok, and i will be do all that things again and so on. i think they are to fix WoV and all their previous games first. There is so few simulators of vietnam war, when the new will appear? What the hell should me do with the WoV now? Anybody knows all meanings os AIRCRAFTOBJECT.INI-[AIData], all this AileronDeltaRoll and AileronRollRate and so on? can they help? About video: i preferable get advise, not video, trafic is not cheap for me. First Eagles is now much better, yeah, this is true! it seems to me first eagles will be more liked by me.
  14. thanks everybody for your advices, i'm now trying them all. by the way, i'm sorry for my bad english, I am not english man too.
  15. Hello people, thanks for answer that i got on my last question, now i have new one.i just try to formulate it. When i began to play in wings over wietnam, i installed it, patched all the need , and run as american fighter. All was ok, next i sat up migs cocpit and fly as commy. I saw that computer pilots very good operate anti-aicraft missle, but they not good in using guns stile fight. Most of aicraft in WOV is missle armed, so this fact in not so striking, but in any case it is unpleasantly. Next i downloaded this fine korea mod, and upgraded over WOV. All the aicraft in korea is gunarmed only. The game runs normally but it’s absolutely uninterestingly to play for me. I shot down all the enemys all the time. AI abosolutely cannot conduct gun-dogfigting, it only can conduct missle dogfight. AI pilots is not very aggressive, they not doing hard breaks an so on. it cannot shoot enemy planes when they are on the runaway. It just fly and shoot very badly. I switched all parameters to hard. I changed in nation.ini PilotTrainingStandard to exelent for everybody. I changed in aicraftobject.ini DogfightNovice and next as DogfightAce. All is useless. The AI is dull, especialy when i flying mig 15 against americans. I alone can kill the whole enemy flight, untill the guns are empty. This is just a mockery.http://marcfighters.combatace.com/ Ok, next i bougt and installed First Eagles. Absolutely the same things. I even didnt play it. Not interisting. Some days ago i patched it the last patch version. And here it is! The AI is more improve. It fights very better, and the game in now more interisting. So the question: What should I do to improve gun-dogfihgting in WOV/mods over it (like Korea mod)? What is the course the AI is not so cool with guns as with AAmissles, or maybe my version of game has a bug (it’s fully patched now), or what? Usually i play in IL-2/pearl harbor, and i got into the way of hard AI. May be anybody can help me? To improve gun-dogfihgting of WOV AI at least like in patched first eagles?

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