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Just a quick question. I have WoI but not WoE. Is the stock Hunter skin in WoI the same as in WoE?


I note that in WoI the stock skin is quite fadded and weathered, which is quite reasonable for the local conditions. But most colour photos I have seen of RAF Hunters, and all the colour plates, show darker, more solid colours. Admittedly a good number of the colour photos out there are of aircraft lovingly restored in historical collections and are not the best indication of what an operational fighter would look like.


Any opinions?


And I was looking skin a few Hunters. Has anyone worked out the location of the front gear and main gear doors for decals?



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Yes, the skin mapping is the same for WoI and WoE Hunters. So you can use the 3rd Wire templates TK provided. I have them, with slightly enhanced rivets and panel lines -- didn't really change too much


I haven't looked into the lod for the mesh names...pity we don't get the OUT files from TK.


there's a "door_front_1" that might be the nose gears front door






then it goes on to list the 'right' 1 and 2, left 1 & 2, inners for both - I think we can assume those are 'main gears' on the wings.


Try one of them, and see what happens!



kevin stein

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