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J-5 of the PLAAF,maybe I will make a seprated MiG-17F with some changes in the 3D model soon.


Important note!

Don`t use this addon for any commercial use,or any use against China or the PLA and so on.

You can make skins for this aircraft freely,but if you post this addon to other places,please announce that it is made by fallout3 from CombatACE and the insky forum.

If you want to modify and upload it,please ask for my permission by the CombatACE forum message.


Important installation notes.

I used the ww2pilot as default.

F-16 AB effects needed

Drop the original skins of the default MiG-17F to the skin folder.

MiG-17 seat needed.

Cockpit files are not included,and I suggest you use the MiG-17F cockpit on CombatACE.


And by the way,use the tailhook key to open the canopy.

The J-5A/MiG-17PF and JJ-5 will be released soon!


Happy hunting then,Thanks.





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The J-5A/MiG-17PF and JJ-5 will be released soon!


Fresco E, you mean one of these?...




That's been around for about 3 years. Be nice to see one with the nose molded in, though. Provided everything else is up to snuff.


BTW, since you're using the stock Fresco mapping on the wings and such, shouldn't you go all the way, and use the rest of the body as well??? That way skinners could make use of that really nice 1024x1024 template I created. Cause, I gotta tell ya, the fuselage skin really looks terrible.


The decal ini is also not correct; it's calling for an "81" decal that dosent' exist. I'd suggest end users just change the callout to look something like this:






FilenameFormat=Insignia <--change the pointer here






You all really gotta get it together ... let's start seeing some readmes, things that work 'out of the box', completed packages. We have a lot of users here who need the exact instructions given to them, so they may enjoy to the fullest your hard work. These all have a very 'rushed' and incomplete feeling to them. Please, spend a little more time testing and refining the product!! It benefits the entire community, and in the end makes YOU and your team better Modders.


Give what I've said some thought, huh??



kevin stein

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from where can i download this liipped 3yearsold J-5A/MiG-17PF? or wil be new model? i read that a few J-5A was in vietnam since 66 and qne was downed. by the way in vietnam part of mig17f was russian biuld, and part was J-5.

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Have you looked in our Downloads section???


3rdWireSeries/Add-On Aircraft/Cold War Aircraft/ MiG-17


Plus several other versions of the Fresco D/E


And I must correct myself -- it's actually 4 years old...



after you get it, and have it installed, you'll be neededing to hit the Knowledge Base for corrections and fixes for it. See the "Weapons and Loadouts Fixes Thread, Bunyap Pak" for you editing info



kevin stein

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