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I remembered TK said something about 23 modes on F-15E radar and decided to do a search


The AN/APG-70 features a 'mode' called NCTR (Non-Cooperative Target Recognition). Using NCTR the radar analyzes returns from the target and tries to identify the type and model of the target from certain tell-tale signs (returns from turbine and fan blades if the target flies at such aspect that the radar can 'have a look' at engines). NCTR utilizes a massive and continuously updated database of radar returns of different aircraft types and models - returns received from the actual target are searched in and compared to this database to have an ID of the target. NCTR is activated either automatically or manually and NCTR data are displayed on the radar screen. Since this is a highly advanced feature of AN/APG-70, most of it is classified.


****y impressive. A bit like submarines being able to tell the type of the ship by propellor noise.

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...That is why in exercises they try not to use all of these advanced features against their 'opponents'.

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