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Curious what the difference is between NormalMissionRate and OffensiveMissionRate, and what units do those numbers represent? Days between missions? Number of missions/day? I'm trying to determine the relationship (if any) between these values, and getting grounds offensives to start and CAS missions generated.


Some campaigns (Red Lightning) have values of 1 for these fields, and others (rolling thunder) have values like 180.



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IIRC 'NormalMissionRate' is used when your opponent attacks, 'OffensiveMissionRate' is used when your side is conducting an offensive and I do think that these numbers used there do refer to the amount of days that pass between two missions.


IMHO there is no connection between these two values and a ground offensive.

Ground offensives are only controlled by 'StartGroundOffensive' value...and only when there is an on-going ground offensive (doesn't matter which side is doing it) you'll get CAS missions.

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Thanks guys. It makes a little more sense now. So what would be considered "normal" missions (vs offensive)?


Gocad, I would think there would be a connection between the mission rates and ground offensives. If the start groundoffensive value is higher, and the offensive mission rate is high as well (many days between missions), wouldn't it take longer for the ground offensive to start?

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