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Hawk 75A, Vichy French

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Hawk 75A, Vichy French

Curtis-Wright Hawk 75A, Vichy French Armee De L'Air Package

for SF/WoV/WoE WW2 MTO Installs:


This is a complete package including ALL parts necessary to unzip and install a new, export version of Wolf's P-36 Mohawk, as used by the Vichy French Air Force, after the Fall of France.


A single skin with generic markings is included. Tail and Number decals are by Heck Mitchell, and borrowed from the AdA version. It 'represents' GCII/5, but should not be considered 100% historically accurate. The "Indian Head" squadon insignia decal is by me.


A new Vichy Hawk 75 hangar screen is included, as are damage tgas.


There is a new French 7.5mm machine gun, courtesy of Heck, and a 50kg bomb by me, so you'll be using BOTH the gun and weapons editor to add them. (note: both these weapons were included in the AdA Douglas DB-7 previously released).


It is NOT reccomended for use in a WW2 install based on WoI


---- Please note you MUST have the latest Weapons Pack (Bunyap Pak) for the WW2 weapons ----


Finally got around to finishing it...

PLEASE read the readme for detailed install instructions, and the General Notes and Noise


Happy Landings!


Kevin Stein


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