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Bounced the bombers...had a few missiles to spare so I thought my flight of 4 f-15s could handle these two Iranian f-14A's. Then what they did reminded me of tactics I had read in a Bill Gunston book where one of a pair will go high and the other low in a bid separate the attackers. Sure enough it worked. Honour the threat, right?

I tell you if hadnt been for my number 2 flight and for their inferior missiles we wouldnt have made it. The guy who went low set up for my wingman who went after the other guy who went high. My snapshot sidewinder went into the ground(the guy was pulling up and was too near;closure rate was more than 1200 kts; angle all wrong but I had to do something) and then I was past and technically out of the engagement because my speed was too high and I had pull the big Eagle around; with an F-14(the chap I ordered my wingman to engage) now coming down for me(confirmed by radio call)

Number 3, ace in my pocket so to speak, saved the day.

This game just gets better and better. Its even intelligent.

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Way to pull victory from the jaws of defeat! :good: This is yet another reason why this site is so great to get feedback from engagements to maybe use in a fight i may find my self in!

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