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MrMudd...F-15C Loadout Question

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Could you check your beta copy and see if the AGM-88 is available as a loadout option.



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The F-15A,B,C,D,E Does not carry the AGM 88 or the HTS "weasel in a can" In real Life and it is not listed as a loadout in the LOMAC Simulation.  


Their is Some testing with integrateing the AGM-88 to the F15 to take on the Wild Weasel role, But it is not an operational platform  


The lomac sim represents the pre MSIP F15C.




Thanks for the intel update....


Yes, I was looking to see if a WW option was going to be available.


"Ironhand is my thing, see,,,,," Flight of the Intruder

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I don't think the word "mutiny" and "Air Force" normally go together, but that's just what you'll have on your hands if you put the words "Eagle" and "air to ground" together.


Now, I'm exagerating (sp?) a bit, but there will be a significant change of mindset necessary to get the Eagle community shoe-horned into the business of delivering ANY kind of A-G ordnance.


That's just a fact.


These guys wear the air to air mission on their chest like a badge.

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