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Czechoslovak Su-7BM camo

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Hi pilots :biggrin:


Tooks mi circa five days... But I like it :haha:


Based on Wrenchs Su-7BM templates.


All Sukhois Su-7BM/BKL delivered into Czechoslovakia had metal "look". I made silver skin some months ago (you can get it here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=6160 ) Later were painted with variable camo schemes in SSSR. Usable in your Cold war campaigns.


Coming soon...





And new hangar screen maybe...



And new Loading screen maybe...


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Looks good. We'll need more for KingAlbert's Berlin Crisis campaign :wink:

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Thanx :biggrin:


I lost my backuped templates... So skin is all I have from my work :no: But there were nice three tone camo schemes in Czechoslovak air force, so sometimes I hope :rolleyes:


Many planes for WIP Berlin crisis are WIPs too :biggrin: Su-25 for example as we know... Just new patch is needed for many WIP planes. Than we will have invasion :haha: (together with Gerald14 we have 3 Mig-21 versions WIPs for example :wink: )

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