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Help needed for WOV add-ons

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1)I've been trying to add various add-ons to Wings over Vietnam with very minor success. The main problem is that many of the files in the WOV folder are in .dll format, not in the .ini format as described in many of the add-on 'read-me' files. How do I get around the problem of being unable to read the .dll files?


I have a fairly basic knowledge of using add-ons etc so the answer to my question is probably very simple to others... just not to me!!


2) What context do the add-ons appear, for example new aircraft and ships?, is multiplay, campaign, single mission etc??



Thanks for any help. I'm getting very frustrated.



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The .ini files are contained within the various .cat files. Think of the .cat files as .zip files. You'll need the .cat extractor to extract the .ini files out.


It is here:



There is no need, or way, to put the .ini files back into the .cat. The extracted file may need to stay in the folder were it's parent .cat file is, or it may need to be moved to a different folder. Aircraft .ini's that are extracted from ObjectData.cat need to be placed in the aircraft's folder for example.


The original .ini file will always be in the .cat file. If you don't like a change you made, delete the modified .ini file, and the game will go back to using the originial one from the .cat file.


You'll never need to do anything with a .dll file.


Most mod's are compatible across all games. There some exceptions if a mod uses a core game file that is only in one game. For example, there are mod's made for WOV's B-52D, that won't work in Strike Fighters, because the aircraft is not included in that game.


There isn't a short answer to your #2. For example, if you install an aircraft, you can imediately use it in Single Missions. You can use that aircraft in a campaign, but the campaign's .ini files will need to be edited to do so.


Read through the knowledge base if you have not. Install one addon at a time, and make sure it works. Ask if you have issues. The sim's structure will become intuative over time, but not overnight.

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