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Dassault Mystere IVA Cockpit

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Dassault Mystere IVA Cockpit

A Cockpit mod of the Thirdwire Scooter's cockpit, to create the Israeli-modified Dassault Mystere IVA cockpit for use with Ajunaidr's incredible Mystere IVA (Available at the Combatace site at):




Referenced from eight color cockpit photographs.


Instruments and placards moved, eliminated and repainted.


Individual instruments and placards in either French or English, as they were historically.


Yes, Those are actual radios in the instrument panel...


It includes a lead computing gunsight as per Wikipedia.


The Dassault Mystere IVA was the French equivalent of the American F-86 Sabre. The Mystere was credited with at least six Vampire, Mig-15 and Mig-17 gun kills in Israel's wars.


-The Mystere IVA also saw combat with the Indian Airforce airforce and reportedly shot down a Pakastani F-104. It participated in the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.


Mod by Richard "Pitts2A" Ordway, Thanks also to Frank Safrenek and Michel Gerard of Mirage Aircraft of Flightsimulator.com and to Thinus Pretorius for their invaluable numerous pics and emails about the Mystere IVA cockpits and images.




Complete credits and history in readme.





1-Backup your files!


2. This zip contains cockpits for two separate aircraft: Ajunaidr's Mystere IVA and secondly for the Thirdwire's Mystere IV aricraft in Wings over Israel.


3. Unzip the zipped folder"MystereIVTwoCockpits"

4. You will see two folders now:

"MystereIVCockpitAjunaidr's" and "MystereIVCockpitThirdwire".


5. Choose which aircraft you are going to add the new cockpit to.


6. Dump the entire contents in either cockpit folder into the desired cockpit folder.

7. When prompted, overwrite the files.

8. It is generally located in ...\SFP1\Objects\Aircraft\dm-4a\cockpit.


9. Just ask at this Combatace forum if you have questions.




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Nice work, specially deatails as i'm big fan of dassaut planes...... :ok:


Thanks! I lived in Paris for a year and fell in love with the Dassault aircraft family. When training in French in the United States, one of our required courses, was to listen every night to French audio tapes about an espionionage story about Dassault fighters and factories...and then we read the French aircraft series Tanguy et Laverdure...high times!

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Well, "cuenta y dí".....hope this pictures brings you some good memories.... :biggrin:


post-27308-1214773024_thumb.jpg post-27308-1214773538_thumb.jpg





Thanks, I remember well reading those in Tours!

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