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Problem with Yak-28P addon

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I have problem. :sorry:

I don't have any weapons available in loadout screen.

I have this same problem in Tu-16(only with missle carrier variant).

I have bunyap's weapons pack.


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Go into the DATA.INI and go to the weapons stations. In the Weapons Stations part, on each station you will see AttachmentType.


Change the WP on the AttachmentType to SOVIET



Or just use this. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showt...ost&p=75021

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Everyone repeat after me:




This is your new mantra; practice it!!! Find the inner center of your data ini; focus you inner sight on the goal of achieving proper loadouts; this is the Way to True Gaming Perfection....


In my "Weapons & Loadout Fixes Thread", you'll find all the answers you're going to need to fix all the Red Air birds, because the NEXT obvious questions is: 'how come none of my MiGs have missiles?'


So, little brother, haul it over to the KB, and start reading.


Click Me!!! -->Weapons, Loadout and Other Fixes of Interest for the Bunyap Pak <<---I'm A Link!!!


And don't forget to grab the CatExtractor Tool, over in the 'Utilities & Tools' section in the Downloads



kevin stein

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