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Can you spot it? :wink:










Here's a quick test of current version, recorded at 2x time -I have trial Fraps which limits to only 30 seconds of recording, so I speeded things up to give you the rough idea:




It's at beta stage, I aim at ease of installation, without messing with enviroment of flightengine files

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Looks very real!

can u add that nuke explosion sound ?

i think Fubar made it while ago...

will not be so usefull but....ATgAAAAtqGQRKbC3IIZiqq4GRSSxr3mrzlha_RfiOASCCoo_UFxNfdYqhPvrTbfQnCdT8m4lnALmdTtlbebJ0FCUVMPDAJtU9VDMhj3YP0wk_4TBZ97R5NFAKnQLgg.jpg

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Roundabouts what yield is that? 1MT?


It's for B-61 tactical version, selectable yeld :wink: , I'm not nukes guru as you Lexx, I think "generic tactical nuke effect" must be the answer... :dntknw:

But far below 1 MT I think

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