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CF-18 D-day skin v1.0




File Name: CF-18 D-day skin v1.0

Release Date: July 07 2008

File Version: 1.0



Please ensure "Word Wrap" is selected.

This addon is intended for the FA-18a found here:




Canadian Forces

This is a special paint scheme celebrating the 50year anniversary.



Place folder entitled "D-day" into the FA-18a folder.

To select skin enter the Loadout Screen and manually select the skin from the pull-down menu.



For removal of skin just delete the entire D-day folder.

For any additional support I can usually be found lurking the forums of CombatAce.com (or C5's ABF).



Thanks for the written consent of the following community members:

Jarink for his great template



Not responsible for any damages or liabilities incurring from the use or dissemination of these files in whole or in part. This Addon is free and is intended to remain as such under the Community Commons guidelines. This Addon will not be used for any commercial use of any kind.






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Awesome work there dude ! :good: This looks beautiful.

I was hoping someone would make this skin some day and here it is.

I'm currently building a model of this plane with this same paint scheme !

Maybe i'll post a pic when it's done.


Now if only someone with mad skills could do the 2003 Tiger Meet CF-188 skin that would be the Holy Grail of CF paint schemes !

And IMHO one of the best aircraft paint schemes ever !


Thank you so much.

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Oh jeez! I didn't realize it had checkers on the inner vert stab's as well... :dntknw:

and the roundels under the wings are different...





btw, nice model!

Edited by littlesmoke

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