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Define side of aircraft (red/blue)?

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I'm trying to define the iranian Tomcats as "Red" sided (attachement type set to WP,IRAN). The choice of weapons is now correct, but I'm still fighting against MiGs...


So, how can I define the side of an aircraft? (or is the nation defining the side?)

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I'm not sure I understand the question....If you're Iraqi, they Iranistanian Turkeys are enemy..... :wink:


No, just kidding!


You can change the alingment in the Nations.ini., set it to "ENEMY" You may have to extract if from the FlightData.cat (iirc)


They were set as 'Friendly' for the Iran/Irag mod of several years ago.


You'll also find a boatload of Iranian weapons in my "Weapons Loads and Fixes Thread, Bunyap Pak" in the knowledge base. Might want to look for the "Iranian F-14" or something like that.... Also, many fixes for the IRIAF Phantoms, too.


BTW, that whole terrain has gone in for a major rebuild, but I"m having some problems with city placments. I"ll need someone ot add the Caspain Sea, and move all the city tiles where Teheran is. Other than that, it's nearly ready. 200 and something target areas, etc (similiar to the DS mod, and many other map tweeks I've done)



kevin stein

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