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  1. UH-1H (EUROPE)

    I don't want to be nitpicky, but it is "Bundesgrenzschutz", not "Bundesgrenzshutz" (missing "c")... BTW, it means "Federal border guard".
  2. trackIR question

    My first pilot flies the E.III with KEK Douai - so far one sortie ending with a crash on starting and three weeks in the hospital... (I still don't know why I suddenly lost control - just throttled back a little bit to stay behind my leader and the plane simply fell out of the sky with absolutely no response to any control input )
  3. trackIR question

    I finally got it to work! For all the Win7 users out there who encounter the same problem: start the TrackIR software in the admin mode!
  4. trackIR question

    Believe me, I know a lot about 3D tracking... (TrackIR only works with just three "reflectors" because you have the knowlege wich solutions you can reject) I have tried every available view - without success! The strange thing is - when the software recognizes a game in its list running the lower LED gets blue - but with OFF it doesn't... With the original CFS3 it is the same, in ThirdWire simulation I have no problems at all (the LED gets blue, the software recognizes the game, the head tracking works)!
  5. trackIR question

    Hi, maybe I'm just stupid, but I cannot get my TrackIR 4 to work with OFF - the virtual cockpit is active, the TrackIR software running, but it doesn't detect cfs3, and the blue LED doesn't light up (and my head movements are ignored). In WoE it works flawless...
  6. Should the new MOH be banned?

    Well, if I think how many German soldiers I have killed in MoH and CoD... But the interesting thing is, you can play all sides in flightsims, u-boat sims and strategy games, but NEVER the German side in a WWII shooter... (only the VC in Vietcong)
  7. Projekt koordination fuer die naehere Zukunft!

    Nicht GMax, 3DS Max (2009)!
  8. Projekt koordination fuer die naehere Zukunft!

    Es gibt kein Bender-Plugin für den TW Exporter (TW hat ein eigenes Modellformat!).
  9. Why don't just add the tanks as droptanks (I can remember there was a line to make droptanks not "droppable" - somehow that sounds silly...)?
  10. If it's called Shark, it has to have a sharkmouth!
  11. US military airplanes in 1936?

    As far as I know the B-18 was the Bolo, and the replacement for the B-10 (don't know the B-10 name...).
  12. Das sorgt sicher für einige Konfusion (wenn man immer etwas "neben" dem erwarteten Ort liegt...)!
  13. Total War all Series

    Interessante Diskussion - besonders, da ich momentan damit liebäugle, mir die Total War Collection (oder wie auch immer das Ding heißt) zuzulegen. Dazu passt natürlich auch, dass ich gerade erst eine Doku über den Griechisch-Persischen Krieg gesehen habe (ich weiß, etwas zu früh für den Zeitrahmen der Spiele) und vor ca. 20 Jahren begeistert Sachbücher über die Antike verschlungen habe... Mal sehen
  14. You shouldn't bury the Zippers, you schould fly them!
  15. Woohoo! Can we expect the G and K models too?

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