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J-8 Date INI FIX

**********J-8 Date INI FIX********************


J-8 (Jian-8 Fighter aircraft 8) / F-8




1,The Rightwingstation is useabel now.


2,I used Jug's excellent J-8 Finback Lighting.


3,And thanks Wrench's Flashtime. :-)



The J-8 was the first PLAAF aircraft of domestic design, with design work beginning in 1964.

The overall configuration is a rather straightforward enlargement of the MiG-21/J-7 layout

to accomodate two engines. Although it resembled Mikoyan's experimental Ye-152A, contrary

to some early reports, it was not based on that aircraft. Production began in December 1979,

with about 100-150 units of the first configuration entering service. Design work on the

improved J-8-2 began in 1980, with production beginning in the late 1980. As with the cancelled

"Super 7" upgrade to the single-engine J-7, the J-8II completely reworks the front end of the

aircraft, adding a much larger radar and ventral air inlets, along with various other less

pronounced improvements. The best that can be said of the J-8 is that once upgraded it will be

no more than an advanced obsolete aircraft, comparable in configuration and aerodynamic

performance to the Su-15 FLAGON.





1. Install the latest Weapons Pak:




2. Extract the zip file and copy the "J-8_DATA.ini" into J-8 folder,and replace it.




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