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Best Joystick

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I want to buy a new joystick for when LOMAC is finallly released but i'm not sure which one to get. As of now i have the Microsoft Precision Pro that i've had for a while now and it's a great joystick IMO but I thought maybe there's something better out there. I was thinking of getting a force feedback one but i dunno if the extra cash is worth it.


So what do you guys think what's your favourite joystick, and is Force feedback worth it?






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Guest MrMudd

Ive owned Several Sticks


The First thrustmaster combatstick and their First Throttle ( Name Escapes me).

the stick was pretty stiff, and the springs broke on me, The hotas was small and manageable but it was built very week and broke. Somehow between several Permenent change of stations while on active duty it either got lost, thrown out or given away. This was the begining of the Game controler arms race, lol


Microsoft Sidewinder Pro non HOTAS system USB, it was a real smoooth and easy to fly stick for around 50 bucks, But i needed a HOTAS system.


I then went with a Saitek X45 for 70 bucks and that was a great Economical Hotas for a year, But i flat wore the Stick out while the Throttle stayed true and solid.

I am a very active Online Competitor in Combat Flight sims, and Precision is everything for me. Once i wear a stick to the point i am out of my performance bubble. Im off in search of a more redundent system. I gave it away to a friend that was getting into sims.


I have the Ch FighterStick USB and Pro Throttle USB, and its real tough and extremely smooth light feel stick. Ive had it now since last november, and its been great no issues. My biggest reason for getting the stick was first of all guys i flew online with since 98 had owned CH gear for a very very long time. I have a friend that runs a computer gameing store in austrailia and is very competitive like me, after countless years of going against each other and knowing it was the same stick hes had all these years. It was a major selling point for me, also add in i was able to get the stick from a usa manufacturer and it was 30 bucks cheaper than the Thrustmaster Cougar.





I have been writing to flightsim hardware manufacturers the past week for conducting reviews of their hardware. Right now Chproducts is the first to answer my call and have been highly supportive of biohazcentral in that regard and will be sending me a Pro Pedal usb and their Flight Sim Yoke. For some work i will be doing with general aviation and combat sims. and hardware reviewing.


I am still waiting to hear back from Saitek, Gullemot (Thrustmaster) and others so that i can bring you some non biased opinions. part of that method is that i will select people from the Biohazcentral Community to give these products a try for 1 week at a time, and allow them to add their opinion to the Review. This of course is based upon full trust upon the public to be honest with their observations and passing on the gear to the next person that is contributing.


When i have sorted out the logistics and rules for this product review idea of mine i will make the proper announcements. So that all people that are interested in this have a fair chance for applying.





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