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  1. Ya i can't see them either but i know theyr'e there cause more than a few times i've had them stop missles that were tracking me.
  2. Overall the demo is awesome but there's a few things that are buggin me. One, the rudder control is very rough, unrealisticly so, two, it seems like the self shading on the aircrafts is missing, three, it seems as though when an aircraft gets hit by a missle it never blows the plane up, just takes chunks outa the plane, is this realistic ?
  3. Well I finnally played it, and it runs great on Low-Medium detail. Man this game is awesome, played it for 4 hours straight last night :)
  4. Man I hope i can run it with my Tbird 900 :D, 128mb 8500 le, 384mb pc 100 sdram Do you guys think there's any hope? -Mike
  5. Hey, I want to buy a new joystick for when LOMAC is finallly released but i'm not sure which one to get. As of now i have the Microsoft Precision Pro that i've had for a while now and it's a great joystick IMO but I thought maybe there's something better out there. I was thinking of getting a force feedback one but i dunno if the extra cash is worth it. So what do you guys think what's your favourite joystick, and is Force feedback worth it? Thanks -Mike
  6. Landing

    Sweet! If you can do one wheel landings in LOMAC then I'm happy :D The only thing i'm worried about is that in Flanker 2.0 when you try to make a one wheeled landing it throws your other wheel to the ground instantly kind of like Janes F18, and since everyones saying that Lomac will resemble Flanker since SSiEagle Dynamics developed it I'm just a little worried.
  7. Track IR Who has it

    Where's that review!!! :D
  8. i thought it was a pretty sweet video, and ya i was expecting soemkind of an effect when he was flying so close to the water.
  9. Isn't the Phoenix missle the missle with the longest range in the world? Somehting like 120 miles?
  10. Airpower 2003 Opening

    THanks !
  11. Airpower 2003 Opening

    Is that from one of the AviationWeek Airpower videos? If so, where can i buy those?
  12. New Video Posted

    ya i didn't enjoy the video as much as the other ones. Ya i tried to figure out where that light was coming from but i have no idea.
  13. I was just wondering if when it came to landing in this game it would feel realistic. I remember playing Janes F18 and everytime i had to land it would feel unatural and it just looked unrealistic. Now Janes f18 was and still is an awesome game, but that really bugged me. A sim that did landing well in my opinion was Janes USAF, even though the physics were in general less realistic, the landing was smooth and felt good. So to you testers who've played the game, does the landing in LOMAC feel and look realistic or is it no good?
  14. I get the same problem, none of the pulldown menus work. My specs are : Tbird 900 radeon 8500 128mb le 384mb pc100 ram Win Xp pro SP1 SB live value

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