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I made an unsuccessfull attempt at trying to implement some form of a target discriminator for the F-14.


This is what I did for TWS....





IFFTarget=cockpit\radar\F-14A_DLUnKnwnTarget.tga <----------------------- Data Link Unknown

Hit1Target=cockpit\radar\F-14A_UnKnwnTarget.tga <----------------------- Unknown

Hit2Target=cockpit\radar\F-14A_EnmyTarget.tga <---------------------- Enemy


Hit3Target=cockpit\radar\F-14A_FrndlyTarget.tga <---------------------- Friendly





So... I don't know if I'm on the right track or not. I was already told that this won't work, that others have tried and failed. But, I just wanted to give it a shot, and maybe peak some interests to the more knowledgeable if I came across a different way of doing it that might work with some more tweaking.

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Man I've tried enough stuff that never panned out I should be poasting from a padded cell.



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Look at the HUD in the F-14 included in the Harrier Campaign, or wait until I get home tonight and I'll send you the files.


EDIT: Do you have the DS beta installed, it's there also.

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