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Siberian Sky -- Contrails for strategic air warfare

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Siberian Sky -- Contrails for strategic air warfare

Purely experimental effects for radical hardcore fans of generals Curtiss LeMay and Yevgeniy Savitskiy ONLY.


This is an exhaust effect mod that can change the large scale visual environment across a map, so I hope its okay to put this in the Environment mod section.


Included are experimental contrails that attempt to model both quickly evaporating and persistent spreading ice crystals clouds that shine brightly near the sun, and range in lifetime from 5 seconds to 1240 seconds, which is about 20 minutes. The contrail tga uses the same game grafix calls as my Cirrus clouds, which makes sense since contrails can become cirrus clouds over time. Best used with the blue sky and sunglare ideas in the Siberian Sun mold.


Instructions and advice on game limits of the longer contrails are found in the Instructions file.


Pics and words soon available at this ThudWire forum thread ~> http://bbs.thirdwire.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4964




UPDATE EDIT: Somewhat reduced max visible distances. Contrails 320 and 640 had 1000x too great a max visible distance for testing vs cirrus. Now reduced. Will update later if improved methods are found.


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Thanks fellas/fellattes. Screenshots, screenshots please, and give the contrail type. I can't tell you what it means for a molder to see screenshots proving something works for others.


If you use stock bright ThudWire Blue skies, maybe ramp up the contrail brightness.



LeMay....Sweet? Crissy-kopfpatsch.gif



These are Contrail-20 if I recall...may need more brightness/thickness closer to front end.


Zoomed in view from ground, about 30 degree FOV...




External free camera view from below B-47...


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