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What I've Learned From The Demo....

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Okay, check it. So I snaggs the demo off the germans, on the day it came out (like we all did)... couldn't play cause I had to work. Came home and been on it atleast an hour a day. And here are my conclusions.


1: Track IR is gonna be a must for this game. The planes are way too damn quick for a hat :D.


2. This game is fun as F***!!! Especially rootin around with the hog.


3. I can live without perfect settings, but I would like to see the heat effects... I dont know what the deal is with some other systems, cause my aint top of the line (maybe like 2 years ago).... cant believe people are judging a games graphics and play on a "Pre-Demo"... now we are stuck with it, cause SOMEBODY cant hold their....


4. I love my X45 even more now, thank god LOMAC isnt like flanker... or is it... maybe I just care more about getting the demo to work. :unsure:


And lastly a Q, anybody know where I can get PC hardware nice and cheap, I'm lookin at maybe some more ram, graphics card, and track IR???



Mista Saffell


PS: I have a few screens, but I'm the retard and cant figure out how to add attachments.

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That Mirage 2000 is a quick little son of a bitch. I've had the thing in my sites twice, then couldn't figure out how to get the missiles to fire. The hog is fun too. I'm shocked at how well the demo is running on my system. I have the settings on mostly low and medium, and no heat blur, but I think that is my video card.



384 pc133 RAM

1.03 GHZ celeron

Geforce2 mx 400/200


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