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Are you sure your new, your join date said otherwise :blink:

Welcome aboard

Allot of stuff you have mentioned is located in the downloads section for SPF1/WOV/WOE/WOI for the F15. As for the FM , my suggestion would be to read into the knowledge section in the forums http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showforum=99. I hope this helps



ps FLAME on!!! :haha:


PSS kinding! :biggrin:

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Guest Sony Tuckson

he joined years ago as the date shows, but never participated as the message counter shows...


so a little new ;)

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I made a avionics/ HUD enhancement to better reflect those of the A model ...

not released.. yet... have to upgrade the ini's again ...







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Wings Over Israel (WOI) F-15 avionics enhancement mod v1.0


For WOI with patch WOI_Aug2008_Update applied.


This mod will enhance/change the stock F-15A_Baz avionics and create two additional F-15 versions with new avionics :

- F-15C_Baz , depicting a early 80's version


- F-15C_AUP , depicting the F-15C after the Avionics Upgrade Program in 1999 onwards.


This mod is not fully finished, I decided to release it as v1.0 but some symbols will be redone with more tweaks to the ini's in v2 .



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