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My Fsu Vs Um Thread

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Well its almost halftime and I just watched Chris Rix through his second INT which turned into a TD for Miami.

Thanks Rix for being the Gawd Awfull QB you are and losing this game. :angry:


oh and to the miami fan who blew the whistle in the first quarter which resulted in a rekick and block, I hope the Nole fans there find you and pack you into a ditch! :angry:

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Well I tried being positive about Rix, but he was definantly our weak link going into this game, the play calling stunk as well, but Rix beat us up not Miami. I am so disgusted. :angry:

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Oh man friday was a kick ass night, we had UM fans and FSU fans all gettin tore together (talkin smack but it was all good), and we were pretty confident, until about 12:30 pm.... saturday


It's been raining for days, and everyone is pissed about the loss... whole f*ckin town seems to be on deppressants.... except for Gordo's..... all those Cubans comin up from Miami..... F*CK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As for me I'm gonna go to sleep and try and forget about all the sh*t that was today.

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When I woke up this morning and saw it was raining in Tally I got really nervous. Rain kills team speed and FSU thrives on its speed. Of course Miami is a speed team as well, but they obviously handled it better than FSU. Rain is no excuse though, FSU just stunk the place up today and Chris Rix was a horrible leader today. Terry Bowden said after the game on ABC "FSU will never be in the national championship hunt as long as Chris Rix is QB." I would have to agree.

The ESPN guys said this "That lofting passes up the field on a wing and a preyer may work in the ACC, but it wont work against teams like Miami and Oklahoma" LOL, true! Unlike the NFL where you can get away with losing 3 or 4 games in a season, you have no option but to go undefeated if you want a shot at the national championship. The loss today just killed any chance of a BCS championship. Theres always the ACC title though, woopie <_<

It's been a horrible football week for me- My bucs piss away a 3 TD lead and the game to the Colts and FSU gets spanked at home by Miami. I need a drink. :(

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I was checkin on ESPN.com today for the NFL scores that I missed, and noticed that Bobby had released a statement about Rix, and what I read makes me think Bobby may need to retire.


Here's the article.




Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Bobby Bowden was emphatic: Chris Rix is his quarterback, period.


Unlike last year when Rix was benched midway through the season, Bowden made it clear Sunday that his mistake-prone junior quarterback gives the Seminoles their best chance of winning regardless of how many turnovers he makes.


"There's no question on it," Bowden said Sunday.


Rix had four turnovers in the first half of a 22-14 loss to Miami that dropped the Seminoles (5-1, 4-0 Atlantic Coast Conference) from fifth to seventh in the AP poll.


Bowden said Rix's speed and mobility give him a big edge over backups Fabian Walker and Wyatt Sexton. Walker, who started in the Sugar Bowl loss to Georgia and is the No. 2 quarterback, has thrown 23 passes this season and Sexton five.


"What's the difference between our quarterback and anybody that lost yesterday?" asked Bowden, now 11-17 at Florida State against the Hurricanes.


"You've got to make good decisions," Bowden said. "You can make that assessment about any quarterback."


Rix, who completed 20 of 42 passes for 235 yards against Miami, was also sacked three times. He is now 19-8 as a starter at Florida State and 0-3 against Miami.


After a midseason loss to Notre Dame last year when Rix had three turnovers, Bowden benched him in favor of Adrian McPherson, whose career ended four games later after he found himself in the middle of gambling allegations.


Bowden also defended a decision to run Greg Jones three straight times into the middle of Miami's line in an aborted scoring drive midway through the fourth quarter. Jones hadn't gained more than 3 yards on a single carry all day and finished with 15 yards on 13 attempts.


Bowden said that Miami's secondary was just too good to risk a pass into the end zone at that stage of the game.


Rix has had little luck playing in rainy conditions like those in Saturday's game. He was 14-for-33 for 173 yards and threw an interception in overtime that set up a game-winning touchdown by Louisville under similar playing conditions a year ago.


"We had a plan," Bowden said. "The plan was based on normal conditions."


While Bowden lamented the drizzly conditions, which negated some offense options, he didn't criticize school officials responsible for a playing surface he'd described a day earlier as the worst he'd ever seen.


"I've never seen the field like that as long as we've been here," Bowden said Sunday, noting that the drainage plan "didn't work."


The offensive line also remains a concern for Florida State. Guard Bobby Meeks continues to suffer from asthma, leaving him questionable game-to-game and his backup Eric Broe could be out for the season while center David Castillo is also injury-prone.


Bowden, now in his 28th season at Florida State, also missed a chance to tie Penn State's Joe Paterno with the most career wins in Division I-A at 338.


Anyway he still defends Rix, which is BS... the kid cant win the big game. He got cred for beating UF last year, but I was at that game, and UF looked like crap.


I think Bobby needs to step down after this year, let Joe Pa have the record, and give the reins over to Micky, and maybe bring in ANYONE that can run the offense, cause Lil' Jeff aint cutting it.


Christ I'd rather have Spur as offensive coordinator...... thats how pissed I am.

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Snapple, what he says makes sense and here is why:

Rix is all they have. By saying "Rix gives us the best chance to win" means they dont have another QB better than Rix. If they stick the Sophmore in there it will only make things worse.

FSU flat out got outplayed Sat and it wasn't all Rix's fault. Do I think he sux? yeah I do, but thats all we have for a QB so you just cross your fingers and hope he doesnt suck enough to lose the game.


It's easy to place blame on someone after a bad game like that, but nobody is going to force Bobby into retirement. That would be stupid. Bowden is a legend and I dread the day he decides to retire.

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