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What A Weekend...

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The Florida State Ice Hockey team (Me and a bunch of team-mates that wish they were as good as me) traveled to Pensacola to take on Tulane (Fri, and Sat.). This weekend was f*cking awesome, it was a fine example of what college is all about.... binge drinking, unprotected sex with strangers, and pissing all the non-young people off because we're makin too much noise.... till the sun's up (then its sleepy time...sometimes :P ).


Anyway, we (I) won the game on Friday; 4-0 (my numbers look so sexy right now, got like a 2.14 GAA, and a S% at like .930). But as I'm sure you know, the Football team got smoked, and so did we on Saturday (I did not play... cause of this bullsh*t time sharing with the other goalies). So we lost 6-3.


Got some pics from this weekend (somebody's gotta email them out to the team), Blue Angels were at the airshow, that was cool, met some wicked peeps behind the house we were stayin at (strangers B) ).


Will put up the pics once I get'em... finally you get to see what an ass I can be, instead of just reading it :D .



Mista Saffell


PS: I signed my first autograph on Friday to.... Pensacolan's arent to bright.... guess they didnt know that we blow.

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:lol: Thats like a couple of weekends ago "Lets go back to your dorm..." "Can't" "Why not?" "I'm still in Highschool" :huh: "Ah what the hell"

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