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Hopsten Airbase 1997

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As some of you guys know, i was 4 years + in service with the GAF.

During this time i took some photos.

Till yesterday i thought i´ve lost em but i found some in a box.

here are 3 of my faves. some more will be posted later....

it was mid 1997, a squadron exchange with the AMI... :biggrin:

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Ahh, the Zipper. Man, what a beautiful aircraft.


I remember one mission in Italy. We landed at Gioia Del Colle AB in our MC-130E. It was one of the Fulton nose birds, so it looked cosmic to those that had never seen it before. At that time, the AMI was still flying the -104s there, along with the leased Tornados.


We all wanted to see the F-104s as much as the Italians wanted to look at the Talon. So we deployed the spokes and gave an impromptu brief on the capabilities of our aircraft and a tour. After that, we spent 2 hours around their -104s. They kept trying to bring us over to their "Star", the Tornado. But we kept close to the Starfighter.


I was on hand at Kleine Brogel for the last flight of an AMI Starfighter (outside of Italy) back in 2004. What a sight and sound.


Great pics. Thank you for sharing.



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Fabulous !!!! Back in the seventies & eighties I always spent the morning after carnival (and after 5 days with a LOT of beer :alcoholic: ...) at the runway at Volkel AB (3 squadrons of F104's) in order let the the Starfighters' howling and tearing sound clear my head .......


Hou doe,


Derk :smile:

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