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The Rocketeer

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Any Rocketeer fans here? I tell you what, I love this movie and the whole theme. Sort of a Golden Age of Aviation meets Dick Tracy world mixed in with some historical fiction.(Howard Hughs/WW2 not far off) I guess I was ten when the movie came out. I loved it then and I still love it. The movie has a great look and feel and great cast and good music. Fun story line and good clean action.


I never did read any of the comics but I do remember getting some Rocketeer collecting cards. I also really enjoyed and have fond memories of playing the Rocketeer Nintendo game. I found it here on youtube and boy does it bring back memories.


The Rocketeer NES


We have the movie on VHS but the tracking is getting kind of bad. I've been wanting to and today, I bought a DVD copy of the Rocketeer at WalMart for $7.50. Well worth it. I read over at IMDB that it didn't do so hot at the box office but I guess that's the way it happens. Some of the real gems out there get overshadowed for some reason or another. But its always been a hit with me.

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I've been looking for that DVD myself. I did enjoy it...always thought it was a 'fun' movie...not too serious.


Plus, Jennifer Connelly is hot....



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