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  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    To me it looks like they are trying to get everything into the "XBOX" universe. A steam like world where a game can be played both from a PC or the console with the expected differences. A cheap PC would be less appealing then the console to the eye but a high end PC would support better controllers and other fancy stuff while looking at least as good as the console. This what you see in the driving simulations.
  2. I have experimented using SF Gold on Windows 7 64bits and if I stop updating at SFG_p071006.exe it runs smoothly but without the later improvements All of the first generation have an update level p071006. after that the software crashes. I am not too worried by what is missing, according to the release notes it is not that much. Be your own judge on this. I do own SF2, but I like some of the old stuff too I will fully test Windows 10 shortly... I am updating. I tested other software and 10 seems to be much more friendly to old programs.
  3. Star Trek XI

    I am 54 and I loved it?????
  4. The Rocketeer

    Thanks for the suggestion. I liked this movie. I will pick up a copy too... FYI http://spot.colorado.edu/~dziadeck/rf/comicbook.htm
  5. Huge Breasts

    Think of this... she is now 80 or so and dying in a hospital bed... I have seen the result on less extreme surgery and it gives you a chill up your spine.
  6. Mourning, Mourning!

    US only
  7. Thank You MK2

    No words are enough.... Thank you!
  8. Thank you Kevin. I had somehow missed this launch. Great addition! BF
  9. I agree with Spectre on this one. I can live with the musical selection but the red and blue are plain ugly. Are you thinking of replacing the other screens? BTW I have picked up your replacement icons they make for a great looking desktop.
  10. love it Wrench... do post it. BF
  11. Love the plane... specialy now that I have seen the movie (best $5 spent on a DVD) Whenever I will need more Jessica Biel I will rerun it. Thank you for a great plane.

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