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Nick Tselepides

Three Squadron Emblems And Story

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I thought I would post pictures of 3 Squadron Patches I have at home.


1.Top left one is an old one of 25 FTS. (I do not have the time today to find out what planes they flew--if you know, tell us, please...)


2.Next one must be that worn by the F-101 Voodoo backseaters,the Radar Scope guys.


3.The bottom one is the one that has always caused chuckles and mirthful comment among

all types of aviation fans.I have even seen IPMS guys in Paris using sticker-types of it as gifts to young ladies they wanted to flirt with and get or sticking it to windshields of girls' cars for the same purpose. It is the Sqn emblem of SPA79, French AF, usually flying Jaguars, and depending on how you choose to look at it, it is either a cat's face,with ears, eyes, red tongue and nose, or what the number of the Sqn implies (or a similar position anyway) in a more intimate kind of situation between a gentleman and a lady....(ooomph... managed to say it without offending or blushing...my god, I am still shy at 57...) The French guys at our Forums and the Belgians must be familiar with it.


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Nice stories of those patches.

I collect also patches (mostly A-10 wings and squadrons).

Story behind a squadron patch is intresting. Some are very old.




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