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A Free Open Source Paint Program for 64-bit Users, (and Others)

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Hello All,


I discovered this past week-end that none of my old paint and graphics editors would work on the new 64-bit OS computer I built. I really had no desire to spend large amounts of cash on software that would allow me to create new skins for the OFF planes, nor did I want to have to keep switching back and forth between my old and new computers just to paint aircraft. So I went searching for an economical alternative and I found Paint.Net, a free open source program that you can download and install in about 5 minutes. It is a very nice little program that provides many of the features found in the expensive kits, including the ability to work in layers. I tried it out on a tweak for my 3 RNAS Strutter and it handled the job perfectly.


Here is the downlaod link if you wish to give it a go: Paint.Net Editor







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thanks for the link. will try it out.

BTW has anyone posted a brief how to for tinkering about with the skins? Was thinking about trying my hand, have lots of things i would like to do if I am able.

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I use Paint.net for all my stuff. I absolutely love it. Will post some screenies of some skins I've made when I get a chance.


Prost ( i do kinda miss those clinking beer mugs)



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